Last week I wrote about dual barrier gates ECI installed earlier this year for the Carillon Club in Naperville, Illinois. These gates control heavy traffic egress via two lanes to 95th street. They are located on the west side of the guard house at the main entrance to this community.

This image above is looking south, towards 95th, and shows three vehicle detector loops that were cut into the pavement and then sealed. I wanted to explain why there are three loops instead of the normal two.

Usually, there are two vehicle detector loops on a free egress lane. The first detects the vehicle as it stops at the barrier. The loop then relays the barrier to open, allowing the vehicle to exit. Once the second detector loop senses the vehicle has passed, it relays the gate barrier to again close.

The installation here was somewhat different since there are two exit lanes that merge into one lane of traffic. At times there is a heavy outflow of vehicles with both lanes occupied. A synchronization module was installed on each lane to sense that another car is waiting to exit behind the vehicle that was already in the process of leaving.

Both lanes here are free exits and collisions had to be avoided. The third vehicle detector loop is part of a synchronized circuit. If two vehicles are exiting from different lanes at the same time, the circuit prevents both gates from opening simultaneously. This setup reduces the number of potential accidents.

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