Sliding Gate in Chicago

Sliding Gate in Chicago

ECI was called to a storage facility on Chicago’s near west side. The customer wanted to motorize an existing sliding gate. The image above shows the long slide gate which had been manually operated prior.

We installed HySecurity‘s SlideSmart DC┬« HD (heavy duty) slide gate operator (shown to the left, below). The operator can move gates weighing up to 3,000 pounds and a maximum of 50 feet in length.

Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator Installed

Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator Installed

(Note: HySecurity’s SlideDriver can handle sliding gates weighing up to 20,000 pounds.) It has standard back up battery with an optional capacity for extended life. There are two output relays and the unit is covered by a five year warranty.

ECI also provided a stainless steel chain to move the gate as well as the concrete pad it was installed on. (The slide gate operator can also be post mounted.) The pad was placed near the existing (yellow) security bollard to protect against accidental damage from a passing errant vehicle.

Edge sensors were added to protect against entrapment (zones) at the leading and closing edges. These sensors protect people from getting squashed by the heavy gate as it opens or closes. An auto-reverse is engaged if it senses something (or somebody) before it arrives at its normal open or close positions.

We also used a photo electric device and Optex vehicle sensors to sense both small and large vehicles in the area prior to the gate closing. The sensors were used in place of a traditional vehicle detector loops because of the gravel driveway (shown in the foreground).

You can see two of the Optex devices mounted within a foot or so of the ground if you look closely. They are grey and rectangular with a whitish optic lens. They are able to ignore most human traffic (according to the manufacturer). The photo-electric device is mounted between.

We recently wrote about using similar (but not heavy duty) slide gate operators for an Indiana location: “Slide Gate Operators and Vehicle Detector Loops Indiana Site“.

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