I came across an unusual ram raid incident in Perth, Australia that occurred last month. The West Australian reported “Winthrop barber shop targeted in bizarre Perth ram raid“.

I have been writing about crash and grabs for well over two years on this blog. However, up until now I have never heard of a moped being used in a ram raid. Well such was the case here. Thieves used a white moped to crash through a barber shop’s glass front doors and then ran off with two money from two cash registers.

You can see actual video footage of the two masked intruders on the Facebook channel.  Three shops in the Winthrop Shopping Center were burglarized and there was thousands of dollars worth of damage left behind.

While searching I also found some other interesting videos of ram raids in Perth. The above video shows a sedan ‘gently’ backing into the glass doors of a dress shop. The sliding doors were knocked off the bottom track but not broken.

A masked intruder nimbly squeezes through the door and removes a rack of dresses, exits, opens the truck and throws the garments in. He/she returns for a second visit. A dress and the display mannequin are next. As the car pulls away, we see the bottom of a dress hanging out the trunk.

This video below first shows a stolen Toyota truck ramming through the front of a deli in Brentwood. It then returns and backs up into the store. Nothing was stolen but the business was wrecked.

Less than 30 minutes later the same truck crashes through doors leading to Riverton Shopping Centre in Stockland. There they struck a jewelry store and got away with cell phones.

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