I realize the above video has nothing to do with vehicle access control systems and security or entry control. But I often like to learn more about an area I write about. And today I am writing about Bristol, England and a series of recent crash and grabs.

The Bristol Post reported earlier this month: “Third ram-raid on Bristol Co-op in just days“. In just over a week’s time, one Co-op store was targeted in two similar crash and grab burglaries. Another ram raid occurred just across town between these two events.

In the most recent burglary raid the door to the establishment was rammed with an unknown car. Cigarettes were stolen according to a local police department spokesman. A similar event occurred at the same location near the end of January.

Between these events, a car rammed into another Co-op store in nearby Clifton on February 1st. Tobacco was also stolen at that time. In Clifton three men were seen entering the store. A black Peugeot 205 hatchback was believed to be used in the ram raid according to “Co-op ram-raid latest as police seek black Peugeot 205 hatchback”.

I did some further searching before finding the video. I found an article from 2017: “The shocking number of Bristol shops attacked by ram raiders in recent months“. In just an eight-month span that year, at least 10 crash and grabs robberies were reported on Bristol stores. This averaged more than one ram raid each month.

It seems that Co-op shops are a favorite target for nicotine addicts in Bristol!

Co-op is a food, prescription, insurance, legal services, funerals, etc. conglomerate according to its website. According to Wikipedia “The brand is used by over 15 different co-operative  societies which operate over 4,000 shops, and does not represent one single food retail business.”

Bristol is located in the southern portion of England, just off the Bristol Channel and almost due west of London. Cheswick Village is located in the northwest portion and Clifton lies to the west of city central.

We have been reporting on ram raids in this blog for a long time. Please keep in mind that in addition to the value of the stolen goods, every ram raid results in thousands of dollars of damages in addition to lost sales and income. Insurance doesn’t cover the total loss and increases in insurance premiums often result with claims.

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