You already know how much I like sharing videos of ram raids with you. Here is a composite video of five ram raids (there are actually more than that) from across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom.

The first crash and grab is interesting when a truck very gently pushes its way into a mall entry as shown through the lens of one camera. Then it maneuvers in the aisle knocking over a gumball machine and a plant. Don’t know where it was going, exactly.

Spoiler alert – the “police turn up in the MODDLE of ram raid” or is it “middle”?

Regardless, a truck, a telehandler with a telescoping arm and a car arrive at the scene. The telehandler rams into the building and backs up for a second try. Just then a police vehicle arrives at the crash and grab location. The three perpetrators get into the car rapidly and speed away with the police car in pursuit.

There is a lot of confusion in the third ram raid event in Birmingham. A truck has backed into a storefront. There are pedestrians, other vehicles, police vehicles and many views of the pavement in this smartphone video.

At one point a car drives away while a police officer tries to stop it. It then backs up and returns, only to speed away once more. (Perhaps it was an unmarked police vehicle in pursuit of the villains!) Additional police cars arrive, vehicles pass by and a large crowd gathers at the scene.

The fourth scene is well worth watching as a jeep-type vehicle backs into a store, pulls out and backs in again. Here’s where the trouble begins for the perpetrators. It seems like the car gets stuck in the debris and three men are rocking it, trying to free it.

They must have succeeded since we then see a tow rope pull the cash station while two perpetrators look on. They leave the store and are shown trying to pick up the cash station.

We don’t see the actual crash and grab in the fifth segment. Here four perpetrators are moving a large object (cash machine or even a safe) out to the street. A vehicle backs up with its rear hatch up and they load the object into the back. The vehicle drives off.

Next two burglars brazenly walk through the unlocked door of (apparently) a jewelry store. They smash display cases and grab merchandise in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, a black sedan backs into and rams the front of a jewellry store. Two perpetrators exit the vehicle and appear to grab merchandise as the video ends.

Wow, such excitement in just a few short minutes!

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