From time to time I visit the funny side of protective perimeter bollards. At the beginning of this year, I shared “Whimsical Security Bollard Decorations Ahead Of The Holidays“.

Recently I discovered the above video on YouTube and found a few security bollard designs I have never seen before. And I wanted to share them with you. The volume is a bit low so you may have to dial it up to hear the narrative.

The first security bollard is described as ‘shiny with yellow stripes’. The second is unusual since the vertical white and red paint stripes on the bollards match the vertical striping on the barrier gates in the background. Next are rather plain rectangular bollards.

The narrator calls the fourth bollard – ‘eye with flames’ bollard. You might have seen something similar here before. If you recall I dedicated an entire article to Le CyKlop, an artist in Paris, France who makes these street creations. My story was entitled “Whimsical Cyclops Bollards Are Seen On The Streets of Paris” and was published on Oct. 18, 2019.

I must confess I have never seen an image of the colored pencil bollards before. Notice the vivid colors. Number six was a London bollard. Number seven bollard was also new to me and closely resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa (not pizza!) in Italy.

A new Shark Fin design was followed by another new bollard design – a London Bobby. I was, however, disappointed with his number one choice – the Red Ball bollard we often seen at Target stores. I also featured them last fall in my article “Are The Red Concrete Target Balls Really Security Bollards“.

Which one would have you selected as numero uno?

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