Swing Gate Access Control Equipment

Swing Gate Access Control Equipment

Last week I wrote about replacing two swing barrier gates for a turnkey installation at a Chicago location. Also included were the gate operators, a radio frequency vehicle tag identification reader and vehicle detector loops.

I promised a follow up article to describe the access control equipment and software. After all, there has to be a way to control who has access in addition to the hardware.

Shown in the image above are two door controllers for the PDK™ cloud-based access control system. Each has two reader inputs and two form-c output relays.

The two controllers accommodate four devices. There are two touchpads which also act as proximity card readers for manual access or egress if on foot. One black touchpad is seen at the far right. The second is actually below the yellow strobe light near the top left but is hidden by the gate.

The previously discussed Transcore wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) reader for vehicle tags is pole mounted and is seen between the windows. It is connected to one of the controllers.

Two connection options to the cloud-based software are available. These are wireless or network. The wireless version is fully supervised and has up to one mile line of sight read range, or an average 450 feet indoor range. Installation costs are greatly reduced with wireless since no excavation, trenching, back fill, conduit and wiring of distant devices or surface repairs is required.

The PDK™ software is streamlined yet powerful. It allows administrators to manage users, create groups, open and close doors, set system parameters, send text and email alerts, instantly allow or revoke access authorizations and more. It also integrates with closed circuit television cameras, intercoms and more.

You can read last week’s article by clicking: “Swing Barrier Gates Replaced | Gate Operator | RFID Reader”.

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