Access Equipment on Dual Gooseneck Pedestals

Access Equipment on Dual Gooseneck Pedestals

For the last two weeks I have written about vehicle access control equipment we installed at a facility for the City of Zion, IL. I started with an article about slide gate operators entitled “New Slide Gate Operators For City of Zion Parking Facility”.

These operators provide automatic access and egress of vehicles from the area by a tall fence. The automatic control feature helps improve security and can reduce traffic congestion as well as the need for human attendants.

I then wrote to you about the “Rosslare Long-Range Prox Reader Scans Windshield Tags Fast”. These devices read tags on vehicles as they approach the gate via radio frequency. This avoids drivers having to leave the vehicle and open the gates manually or, as in the case above, the need for security personnel to be present.

Pictured above is a double gooseneck pedestal leading to one of the two entrances to the facility. These are a common sight at parking facilities where both automobile height vehicles and trucks with higher cabs enter and exit.

A keypad is mounted on both the lower and upper arms to accommodate drivers at both heights. These keypads integrate with a computerized access control system. Users enter a PIN (personal identification number) code to gain access. The PINs may be authorized to access at all times or at different dates, days and time zones according to the owner’s specifications.

The intercom on the lower arm allows unauthorized users to communicate with parking facility staff. (The staff can be on site or remote.) Visitors call and identify themselves so they can be manually granted access. Or, in case an access control device (PIN on keypad or vehicle tag) fails to relay the automatic gate operator.

Access control devices and intercoms can be integrated with automatic gate controls in additional ways. A common approach is to use a card or fob reader to control the gate. When a user taps their card or fob on the reader, the gate opens if the user is authorized to access the facility at that time.

We specialize in addressing your needs regarding vehicle parking and revenue control. We seamlessly integrate them with access control systems and can offer you turnkey solutions to save time and investment.

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