I have written several articles on this Website which describe hardware used in Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) as furnished by WPS. When complete these articles should provide a comprehensive picture of the necessary system components. Today’s topic is the hardware and software needed to administer and process events.

A computer and software is needed to collect and register all pertinent data as generated by the equipment in the Parking Access and Revenue Control System. WPS’ ParkID™ software communicates with all the equipment in the system. The terminals and other equipment must all be communicating on the same network.

This computer is generally referred to as the ‘Management’ computer. It allows you to set up and administer the equipment and also provides central reporting information. This information is both accurate and real-time. Additional software modules typically included are: Access Control, Revenue Control, Validations, Discounts, Reports, Counts, Networking and Alarms.

The software can also produce special validation passes which may include daily, weekly or special event passes as well as time discount or value discount passes.

Required in addition:

  • A laser printer connected to the computer.
  • Validation scanners to allow validation of a parking ticket generated from an entry terminal with a preset validation.
  • A credit card server to authorize payments made by credit card or cash at exit terminals or pay on foot terminals. All credit card equipment and transactions meet all PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards.

If you wish to read further about the previously described parking access and revenue control components they include Entry Terminals, Exit Terminals, Pay On Foot Terminals, Hand and Vehicle Readers and Validation Passes.

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