Sliding Gate Operator Davey Tree 02

Sliding Gate Operator Davey Tree 02

Last week I wrote about adding a new automatic sliding barrier gate operator for Davey Tree in Lombard, Il. I promised to write about the cellular access control system we also furnished and installed.

Pictured above is the open sliding gate and gate operator which controls its movements. We used Cellgate’s Watchman™ 410 advanced telephone entry system for access.

An entry keypad/wiegand card reader (not pictured) includes a built in camera that takes individual photos. Photo images are taken when any access is attempted and can also be taken on demand.

These photos are stored in the cloud. If video is taken it is stored on an SD card. One external camera can also be added to the system for a separate view of the vehicle.

A cell phone app connection boasts some pretty impressive features. The system is able to call up to nine separate telephone numbers in three tiers since most businesses have more than one telephone line. If it reaches voice mail it ignores that number and continues to call additional phone numbers in that cell phone tree. The system is shipped with both AT&T and Verizon SIM cards.

A user’s credentials can be authorized for use with date and time restrictions as in a traditional access control system. Automatic gate openings can easily be scheduled. Another nice feature is the notification feature if the gate is left open for more than three minutes.

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