I do realize that the above video is an animation. However, I also feel it provides a visualization of the extensive damaged that occurs when a vehicle hits a security bollard controlling traffic. In the video, the bollards either malfunction or the trailing vehicle attempts to tailgate through a tollbooth or a traffic bollard blocking a street (i.e. a bus lane).

In the initial depiction at a tollbooth, notice the difference in extent of damage to a car driving slowly into the bollard versus one approaching at a fast rate of speed. (I do love the two tires rolling down the highway separated from the vehicle.)

Then an 18-wheeler plows into a similar bollard. See the extensive damage done to the (turquoise) car from just a partially extended bollard. We also see a smaller truck, a bus, a van and even a fire truck drive into a bollard in the street with the resulting damage.

The first time I saw a BeamBG.drive video I was almost fooled into believing it was real. BeamBG is an almost realistic driving game which simulates the actual behavior of vehicles in various real world driving situations. The benefit for us is the accuracy of the damage model which depicts what happens when a moving car or truck hits an anti-ram bollard.

Check our other simulations on YouTube on the BeamNG Nation channel. Train wreck are also included.

As a bonus, I got a chuckle from a 2020 video of the aftermath when a Rolls Royce met a security bollard in Monaco outside a casino.

However, the potential injuries and loss of life as well as property damage from either an errant vehicle or one used in a terrorist attack is a real life concern.

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