Last month I shared “Video of Bollards and Barrier Gates Versus People and Cars” with you. This month we have some more battles between people, cars and trucks versus automated barrier gates. Some are hysterical. In the end, the drivers and their cars are even declared the winners!

This video starts with a repeat from last month of a man in Russia attempting to give battle with a barrier gate. Final score barrier gate two knockdowns, man zero.

Next, a woman tries to battle a barrier gate but she’s not quite strong enough and gives up. A woman on a three-wheel scooter gets clotheslined but still manages to keep her balance on the scooter and drives on. Two women get beaned by separate barrier gates.

A man is walking in a vehicle lane while there’s a pedestrian sidewalk to his left. As he passes underneath, the automated barrier gate falls on his head. Then he looks up in utter amazement and disbelief.

Two cars, a motorcyclist and a truck confront an automated barrier gate while traveling rapidly on a highway.

I think the next segment is the very best I’ve seen as an errant barrier gate goes bananas. On its own, the gate rises to the open position (at 12 o’clock) from its closed position at three o’clock. There is no visible vehicular traffic causing the gate to open. Then, instead of returning to the closed three o’clock position, it moves to nine o’clock. But, of course, there is a car parked there. The automated barrier gate smashes into the top of the car not once, but three times, and nearly flattens the roof.

After a brief interlude when another pedestrian gets beaned by a barrier gate, the aforementioned barrier bate returns to the closed three o’clock position.

The last segments show cars, or rather their drivers, besting several barrier gates. Apparently Lamborghinis and other sports cars are built so low off the ground they can pass underneath barrier gates without a scratch and avoid the paring fee! Another reason to indulge yourself and buy a short sports car!

I hope you enjoyed this humorous video. For help with your next barrier gate project, or for maintenance or service on an existing installation, please call ECI at 847-949-0134.

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