It has been several months since I last shared a video in our series of cars versus bollards. Although the above video has some repeats, I did find some new and interesting segments for you.

The first segment is viewed through a foggy lens. It again shows a car entering what appears to be a bus restricted lane after the bus passes through and the automatic bollards rise. You can see what happens next.

Note: I still find it amazing how the pedestrians just continue to walk by the accident.

We’ve seen the next bus lane incident before.

The third incident in the double lane road with the rising wedge barrier is new. Please note, although you can’t make it out very well, there are two stop and go lights on black poles. These are visual warning indicators to drivers.

How do I know this? Well, watch after the next bus lane incident, which is also a repeat.

We get another video capture of the same (or similar) roadway entry lane with a rising wedge barrier. Here we can make out the black poles and just barely see the lights changing before the second car rams the wedge barrier.

The last segment is telling since it was filmed at night. Here we can clearly see the stop and go lights warning the next car to wait until the wedge barrier retracts. How it powers over the wedge barrier is amazing.

I think this is an entry ramp to delay traffic entering some sort of highway. It is not in England since the cars are driving on the right side of the road whereas the bus lane videos might be from the UK.

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