In the past I have shared stories with you about high-security fencing ECI can provide and install. Most recent articles include “Crash Rated Fencing and Sliding Gate | Chicago Locks Part 1” and “Automatic Sliding Gate For Kraft Foods in Morton Grove”.

The first article discussed anti-ram, crash-rated fencing, recently installed at Chicago’s waterfront. The second dealt with a Morton Grove installation where we included a new ‘person gate’. Along with the gate, we installed protective fencing parallel to the driveway. The goal there was to help protect people who might wander onto the driveway and into a vehicle’s path.

I did come across two videos from our supplier Ameristar Fence. I thought you might enjoy them. The one above shows the detailed handwork required to assemble a gate on the factory floor. It is time-lapse and shows the accurate percussion welding used in the process. Notice the frequent use of a measuring tape.

In contrast to the handwork, the video below shows an automated welding process for a heavy steel fence. According to the video’s description, this process “combines lasers and fusion technology to create a virtually invisible structural connection at every picket to rail intersection.”

Ameristar provides residential fences and gates, including swing gates and slide gates. They can supply heavy steel fencing as well as high-security heavy steel fencing combined with an anti-ram barrier in high-security commercial applications.

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