I have written about counter terrorism efforts in the UK many times on this site and specifically with regards to Cambridge, England just earlier this month. At the time I wrote an article “Counter Terrorism Activities Heightened in Cambridge England” which discussed a potential target – Cambridge King’s Parade – from two sources, CambridgeshireLive as well as the BBC News.

Breitbart news in London, England, also reported “Police Warn City of Cambridge Is Unprepared for Terror Attack” about the same time. This article specifically focused on preventing vehicular attacks in Cambridge from car and truck traffic “along their cobbled streets”. As requested, a report from anti terrorist police made certain recommendations about adding anti-terror barriers to control potential attacks along traffic routes.

The report identified King’s Parade as well as King’s College and its chapel as concerned targets. It recommended physical barriers (i.e. perimeter security bollards, wedge barriers, raptor bollards, concrete barriers, etc.) along certain routes.

What struck me, as it has in the past, was the unique words and whimsical ways the British describe certain things. With regard to controlling traffic approaching along a certain route, the article read that recommendations included “chicane-style arrangements…that would resist penetration by a vehicle…”

Here I would write: ‘a curved, serpentine shaped, winding road to help lower the speed of a vehicle as it approached the target’.

Unlike the CambridgeshireLive and BBC News articles, the Breitbart article also talked about other cities in England that have taken steps to thwart terror attacks in areas where large crowds of locals and visitors gather. It specifically mentioned stone blocks and (perimeter security) bollards – which is one of ECI’s many offerings.

We have reported on other English cities here as well. An article was published here in January “Windsor Castle Roads Get Permanent Anti Terrorism Barriers” about Windsor. “Perimeter Security Bollards Make News In England Once More” talked about efforts in Manchester. And last October I wrote “More Counter Terrorist Activity Noted In England Last Week” (Windsor).

The subject of anti terrorist efforts of this nature in the UK are not without controversy. Several opposing views were mentioned. These cite the steps may be excessive means to stop terrorists (as opposed to better policing) as well as the negative impact on archaeological sites.

What do you think? Your comments are appreciated.

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