Check Engine is a very informative site I found on the Internet recently. The site provides information to drivers about vehicle care and maintenance. The company also hosts a YouTube channel (BTW: I recommend viewing People Doing Stupid Things if you want a chuckle, or a good cry!)

But I digress, so back to my message.

I found the above collage video showing several examples of trucks versus security bollards or automatic wedge barriers.

In the first segment a 6.800 kg (nearly 15,000 pounds) truck travels down a test track at 50 km/h (just over 31 miles per hour). The truck hits a stationary bollard and the front end is demolished.

The bumper wraps around the bollard as the cab falls forward. Even the load on the truck’s bed is shifted on impact and the axle is bent. The truck was only able to penetrate by a little over three feet past the bollard.

A second clip shows a medium size three axle truck crashing into an automatic wedge barrier. The cab actually just clears the top of the wedge barrier. As the front wheels collide with the barrier they are ripped off the axle.

Then the first of the two rear axles hit the wadge barrier and the truck is catapulted ahead, landing as a pile of debris. The penetration is greater here but likewise is the damage to the vehicle.

The next clip shows how relatively ineffective temporary (movable) concrete barriers are in stopping a medium size two axle truck.

Next up is an automatic raptor bollard versus again a two axle medium size truck. The lower carriage is destroyed on impact with the bollards and the cab is sent flying forward. The bed and its cargo explode and the truck stops after penetrating about half way over the bollard.

The next clip is very dramatic, to say the least. Again a medium sized two axle truck meets a wedge barrier. The cab is literally separated from the bed and catapulted ahead while the bed is stopped.

Some additional clips are also shown featuring other anti-ram barriers and subsequent violent collisions when vehicles attempt to penetrate them.

These video clips show how effective crash rated bollards and automatic wedge barriers can be in anti-terrorist efforts. They are able to stop vehicular penetrations by cars and trucks.

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