In mid-November The Chew Valley & Wingham Valley Gazette in England reported: “Bath: Counter-terror measures to block vehicle access“.

Although no significant threats have been reported, Bath’s busy streets pose attractive targets for potential terrorism according to local police chiefs. The city has already installed concrete barriers in its anti-terrorism efforts. These could soon be replaced to fit with the city’s medieval character.

Both fixed and movable security bollards are being considered along certain streets. These counter terrorism measures are meant to “protect against ‘hostile vehicles’, which can be driven at pedestrians, or conceal a bomb or contain terrorists.”

Foot traffic, bicycles and emergency vehicles are allowed at all times. But further measures are being taken to deny access by vehicles to crowds in the city’s central district.

There will be “no access for residents’ vehicles, food or parcel deliveries to homes, car parking or taxis.” All on-street parking is to be curtailed.

Controls are already in place to regulate access by authorized vehicles at specific times. These controls may be expanded.

Some additional drastic measures are being considered in the need to improve the safety and security of townsfolk and visitors. These include limitations on parcel pickup, large-item deliveries, construction worker access, medical and pharmaceutical deliveries, etc.

Bath is located about 100 miles west of London and was named after baths built by the Romans. It is a spa city known for its hot springs as well as the Roman baths. By all accounts, it is a beautiful city with many examples of stately Georgian architecture. Its medieval heritage adds to its tourist appeal, which attracts hundreds of thousands annually.

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