I read an interesting feature article on the Counter Terrorism Business website entitled “The security risks of lockdown measures”. It discussed why placing the security of pedestrians should be a top priority in recovering from the pandemic in the UK and planning for use of the outdoors. Many of the premises hold true in the U.S. as well.

We have discussed many incidents of terrorists using vehicles while targeting crowds of people on this blog before. Does encouraging people to spend time outdoors and maintain social distancing also give rise to enabling more of those potential targets?

Outdoor dining, long lines to enter grocery stores, holiday shopping lines, even recent (and future) lines at polling places, etc. present inviting potential targets. This trend will undoubtedly continue for months to come.

These steps are, of course, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. But as the article points out “…it presents an ideal opportunity for those looking to commit crimes using a vehicle as a weapon.” In the U.S. there have been an increasing number of vehicular attacks in recent months during various protests.

The article continues to say that while some cities and towns have taken steps to protect local citizens and visitors, “…some still have a long way to go to ensure adequate security measures are in place.” This applies to large businesses, hospitals, etc. as well.

Steps now must be taken to prevent or protect against future attacks using cars and trucks against pedestrians. This is especially true in light of what some locales are now discussing as they re-imagine the future configuration of (empty) retail and outdoor space as a new normal emerges.

We agree that “…pedestrian safety can not be overlooked.” Proper security measures must be integrated into those plans. The piece goes on to talk about temporary measures, ineffective security bollards, crash testing, the false sense of security, etc.

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