Hostile Vehicle Mitigation: Places, solutions and planning a strategy” is a recent article I found from Jacksons Fencing Company overseas in the United Kingdom. It deals with the threats of ramming by cars and trucks through explosive blasts from parked vehicles and how to plan anti-terrorist strategies.

Note: To me even the term ‘Hostile Vehicle Mitigation’ is somewhat poetic as only the Brits can construct. Literally translated, it means reducing the severity or seriousness of unfriendly cars or trucks.

Threat Of Attacks Using Cars or Trucks

These attacks using unfriendly trucks and cars do however pose a significant threat to both property and more importantly pedestrians. This has been recently witnessed and reported here, and many citizens of, or visitors to, a specific city or location have been killed or injured as a result. Most often the attacks occur in busy, frequented areas that attract crowds or throngs of people. Nevertheless, these are threats which fall into physical security precautions and the equipment and installations offered by ECI.

The article discusses solutions which combine limiting access to the targeted areas with physical barriers to stop, halt or delay the progress of the unauthorized vehicular traffic within those areas. These measures must also be combined with consideration of the flow of foot traffic as well as the aesthetics of the surrounding areas.

The author advises us to consider several options when devising a strategy. These include:

  • Ways to manage and slow approaching traffic
  • Integrating any existing security devices such as fencing, gates, security bollards, CCTV, etc.
  • Monitoring vehicular access

ECI can provide crash rated bollards as well as sliding, swing or vertical gates, guard booths at critical access points, access control devices, vehicle traffic control spikes, signage, etc. Importantly, we do offer turn key installations to aid in streamlining your overall planning efforts and to minimize investment costs.

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Image courtesy of Jacksons Fencing (UK) – link above.