Village Green Residential Gated Community in Lincolnshire, IL

Village Green Residential Gated Community in Lincolnshire, IL

ECI performs a great deal of work for almost two dozen gated residential communities in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. This includes new installations, equipment replacement as well as maintenance and service.

People live in residential gated communities for various reasons. One of the primary ones is additional safety.

I found an article at that I would welcome your comments on. It was titled: “4 Reasons Gated Communities are Less Secure than Home Security Systems”.

The article claims that gates are merely a status symbol and actually a greater threat to your security. But do thieves target gated residential communities because they know you are more affluent, have lots to steal and don’t secure your homes with alarm systems? Or is the site just trying to promote and sell more alarm systems? I also wonder where they get their supposed data from!

Not much is know about from its website other than it offers information about Home Security and Automation (they compare different offers from five sources), Family Safety, Identity Theft, Medical Safety and more. They accept blog articles from contributing writers in safety related fields.

After reading the entire article at its source, I would appreciate learning if you feel more or less secure now in your residential gated community. Do you feel you need or do you own an alarm system as well?

ECI installs various gates (barrier, slide and swing) and gate operators, guard shelters and booths, automatic vehicle identification and radio frequency identification readers, vehicle detection Loops, intercoms and other telephone entry systems, bollards, signage, strobe switches, etc. for residential gated communities.

Learn about the residential gated communities we serve and their locations at our Gated Residential Communities page.

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