Late last year Local 4, WDIV, in Detroit, MI reported via this video which shows in full detail a crash and grab at a local party store. Both an exterior and an interior camera were able to capture the time line of events in detail.

In a well planned assault, one thief first parked a get away van in front of the store. Then two other thieves rammed through the store front with a pick up truck driven in reverse and entered the premises. The interior camera video clearly shows the damage.

The target was the ATM which had, to their surprise, previously been emptied of its cash box. So the thieves walked away with no cash but left the owners with an extensive repair bill.

The irony here is the owners were days away from installing protective bollards to act as a deterrent to such an event. Smash and grabs are a growing problem in the greater Detroit area.

ECI has been calling your attention to these ram raids, or crash and grabs, for a while now. Vehicles are used to smash through store fronts where they cause considerable damage to the premises as well as loss of valuables and cash.

These events can not be predicted and unprotected stores offering big paybacks and are extremely vulnerable. Targets include ATMs, jewelry and high fashion stores, guns stores, etc.

Crash rated bollards or other anti-ram vehicle barriers can deter and even prevent the damage and loss. Read more about Crash Rated Bollards.

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