Stand-To The Official Focus of the US Army

Stand-To The Official Focus of the US Army

This August we celebrate the 8th anniversary of the U.S. Army’s “Antiterrorism Awareness Month”. This call to action is meant to alert Army personnel and family members to the dangers posed by terrorism. It also promotes the sharing of information with community resources as a preventative measure to combat terrorism.

As Americans, we all should do our part and focus on the same tenants the Office of the Provost Marshal General supports:

  • Suspicious activity should be recognized and reported to law enforcement officials.
  • Be cognizant that there is a threat to all of us from violent extremism even in our own back yard.
  • Make yourself aware of the owners of and use of unmanned aerial systems (i.e. drones) including the risks from adversarial usage.

Learn more at the Stand-To site.  

The U.S. Army iWatch program promotes the slogan “See Something, Say Something” through Army One Source. It purpose is to: “…focus and encourage Army-wide community awareness and out-reach efforts to address important topics related to protecting our communities from terrorist acts.”

The program focuses on “Family Awareness” resources and materials. Pocket cards and posters depict potential terrorist activities and information about how to report them. The site is also a valuable resource for information concerning insider threats in the workplace and includes security brochures, other resources as well as informative video clips. Visit their Website to learn more.

The program focuses on individual awareness of what’s going on around you whether that be in large gatherings, transportation hubs, or even in local neighborhoods, schools and playgrounds. If you suspect something suspicious, report it, don’t ignore it. Trust your instincts.

America’s Defense Logistics Agency  is another good source of information. They list behaviors to watch for and report (including but not limited to):

  • someone drawing or measuring important buildings – even photographing
  • unattended backpacks, briefcases, suitcases or other packages
  • trucks or cars left in ‘No Parking’ zones in front of important buildings

ECI provides an important line of defense in installation of bollards and other anti-terrorist, or counter terrorism barriers. Learn more at our Vehicle Access Control Systems page or call us at 847.949.0134.