WPS Parking Lot Exit Terminal

WPS Parking Lot Exit Terminal

The Kalamazoo News reported last week in an article that “Automation of parking ramp pay system is underway in Kalamazoo” at the Kalamazoo Mall parking ramp.

The purpose, according to the servicing company representative is “… to provide a more efficient and better parking experience for downtown parkers”. Older technology will be replaced, as will the jobs of seven attendants (unfortunately), in an effort to increase profitability. The installation is scheduled for completion by the end of this week.

Once completed, parkers will no longer be able to pay cash at parking exits. Debit and credit cards, as well as cash, will be accepted at pay on foot pay machines.

Parking Lot Exit Terminal

Shown to the left is a parking lot exit terminal sold and installed by ECI. It is probably similar in function to the one being installed in Kalamazoo on the parking lot exit ramps.

The terminal reads an inserted parking ticket to confirm payment of fees. A credit card may be used to pay the fee or any balance at this point. Once payment is confirmed a receipt will be printed and issued. Passes or other validations are also accepted and voice communications is enabled through an intercom. At the end of the cycle an automated barrier gate is opened to allow the car to exit.

WPS Parking Lot Pay On Foot Terminal

WPS Parking Lot Pay On Foot Terminal

Parking Lot Pay on Foot Machine

Shown to the right is a parking lot Pay on Foot machine. A parking ticket is inserted and read, then a fee calculated. Any validation passes or special coupons would be inserted prior to the parking ticket and the fee adjusted accordingly. Cash, credit or debit cards can be used for payment and a validation pass coupon is printed. This coupon is used at the exit terminal to verify payment and leave the parking lot.

These and other terminals are integrated into a computerized management system. Data is collected and reports can easily be generated. Many types of credentials can be used in the system and a slew of software modules are available for management tracking.

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Images courtesy of WPS Parking Systems.