Automatic Slide Gate Operator Cicero 3

Automatic Slide Gate Operator Cicero

Earlier this year ECI was called to automate a gate guarding access to a records storage and digital imaging center in Cicero, Il. Shown above is the LiftMaster SL585 Industrial Slide Gate Operator we furnished. We also provided the installation, concrete pad it was mounted on, vehicle detector loops and connection to the access control devices.

I wanted to share the image below with you. The two small black boxes mounted on the fence pole are one end each of two stacked photo electric beams protect against entrapment. They guard against someone or something getting hurt or damaged by a closing sliding gate. If the beam is interrupted the gate will stop and reverse. They work in the same manner as a beam on a garage door does, when it prevents closing if a small child or bike obstructs the beam.

Automatic Slide Gate Operator Cicero 2

There are two yellow protecting bollards in the foreground. If you look on the left side of the top of the right beam you can see two black goose neck posts mounted on an elevated concrete pad. The one to the right is an access control reader to scan authorized credentials and relay the gate to open. An intercom is mounted on the left pole which is used by visitors without access credentials.

Automatic Slide Gate Operator Cicero 1

You cannot see the vehicle detector loops we installed. When approaching the gate to enter one detector loop senses a vehicle and signals the access control equipment. A detector loop on the opposite side detects a vehicle trying to exit and relays the gate operator to open the gate.

The slide gate operator is gear driven (you can see the chain in the lower left of the bottom image) and designed to be used in industrial and commercial applications where high gate usage is expected. Three models are available – one-half, one or one- and one-half horsepower. Slide gates up to 75 feet long and weighing almost a ton are supported. An optional heater is also available.

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