Slide Gate 27 by ECI Illinois

Slide Gate at AbbVie Inc. by ECI Illinois

We generally install automatic vehicle gates to limit access in and out of restricted or secured areas such as business and military compounds, storage and staging areas even residential communities. Some, such as the slide gate may also be used to control pedestrian access and egress as well. Note the picture to the left of the slide gate recently installed for AbbVie Inc.

Slide gates are installed parallel to the inside of the fence. They slide back and forth across the access opening. These types of gates are usually installed at the main entrance to the facility but may also be used to segregate one area from another.

Slide gates in some cases slide on wheels or rollers from right to left or from left to right. They may ride along a metal track in the ground. Other (such as shown) may telescope out or even cantilever. Slide gates are often heavy and need safety measures installed.

Automation is most frequently controlled by use of a chain which moves the gate back and forth. Design applications must take into consideration the environment (i.e. ice, snow, water, etc.) as well as physical conditions.

Another typical slide gate application was for a sally port as recently installed by ECI at Midway Airport on Chicago’s southwest side. Here two slide gates were installed in close proximity to limit immediate direct access onto one of the airport’s runways. A vehicle must first pass through one slide gate. Then airport personnel perform a security inspection before the vehicle is allowed to proceed through the second gate.

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