Last week I discussed installing a fence to enclose a vestibule on a near south side Chicago location. Management also had a problem with an uncontrolled employee parking lot. We provided a solution with a turnkey installation to minimize both investment and time.

The lot was open to access at all times which led to criminal activities taking place. Unauthorized vehicles were entering and parking. Once in the lot perpetrators went unnoticed and broke into cars, stole catalytic converters, etc.

ECI addressed the problem and came up with a comprehensive solution as shown above. We installed two protective yellow bollards (second is to the right of the one shown above but is not seen) to cut access down from an extra wide lane to a single lane.

We furnished and installed a HySecurity automatic barrier gate (shown above in the horizontal or closed position). To simplify access, we also added a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader. It’s the grey rectangle on the white pole seen towards the rear of the ECI van.

Employees’ cars are now equipped with a radio frequency windshield tag. When arriving at an authorized time, the barrier gate automatically opens to gain access as the vehicle approached the lot.

This was the best application in this situation since space was tight. Pulling up to a typical card reader was not possible since vehicles stopping in the street might have caused traffic issues. The RFID and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system also provides a higher access speed to enter off the busy street. It is a cost efficient and extremely reliable means to identify vehicles

You can also see two large white rectangles in the pavement. These are vehicle detector loops. The one in the foreground signals the automatic barrier gate to close once the vehicle enters the parking lot and clears the gate. The second signals the gate to open when a vehicle is trying to exit the lot.

The turnkey installation included running AC power from the building to the gate operator and RFID reader. We even bored under a sidewalk to bring the electricity to the location. All concrete work was furnished including the pad for the gate operator and the foundation for the bollards. We also cut and re-sealed the driveway for the vehicle detector loops.

Although this is not fool proof solution, it restricts unauthorized cars from entering the lot. This equipment application will provide management with better security and control.

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