Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems by WPS

Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems by WPS

Automatic barrier gates are a means used to either grant or deny vehicular access to a restricted or secure area. They are also commonly used to stop vehicles and to aid in collection of tolls. These barrier gates are not typically anti-ram or anti-terrorist barriers. Those are designed to stop heavier vehicles traveling at certain speeds. These barriers are also not designed to stop the movement of pedestrians who can easily walk around and even over or under them.

Parking applications and traffic control scenarios are where barrier gates are mainly used. These include parking lots, parking garages and toll booths. They can be used in other areas. The barrier gate is generally combined into one unit along with a controller.

The barrier arm usually extends across one or more traffic lanes. It rotates from upwards from a closed horizontal position which blocks traffic to a nearly vertical, or 90 degrees, which allows a vehicle to pass. Barrier gate arms are generally manufactured to breakaway to minimize damage. They may also come with a manual kill switch which can be used to stop movement in case of failure or emergency. Universal power supplies (UPS backups) can ensure operation in case of power failure. Some gate operators may even be solar powered and installed with optional lights.

Its operation may be entirely automatic or it may be manually controlled by a person in attendance or remotely via closed circuit television and/or intercom.

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