Ballistic Rated Guard Booth Egress

Ballistic Rated Guard Booth Egress

This is the third in a series of articles I’ve written about the first of three ballistic resistant guard shelters (by Porta-King) ECI recently installed in a Chicago suburban location. The guard booth in the image above is shown at the egress lane.

Also shown is an automatic barrier gate by Magnetic and several protective bollards (now with bright yellow covers to protect them from weathering and corrosion). The cut marks indicate where two vehicle detector loops were installed in the asphalt pavement and connected to the system.

Notes: The chain-link fence is temporary, and a new fence will be installed. The pavement will be seal coated to properly complete the installation.

The image below shows the view looking on the access lane side. There is another barrier gate, bollards and cut marks where one vehicle detector loop was installed in the pavement.

Ballistic Rated Guard Booth Access

Ballistic Rated Guard Booth Access

A ballistic resistant guard booth is designed to withstand multiple hits from armor-piercing rounds and protect those inside. The glass windows are 1.5” think, bullet-resistant, and are set in protective frames.

The brick veneer finish was added to the guard booth by others. It adds a rustic aesthetic image that complements the dark brown finish. The building’s colors blend well together with the surroundings.

Other finishing options available include a variety of custom paint colors and finishes, aggregate mixtures (i.e. sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag or recycled concrete), duraluminum, durasteel, etc.

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