Barrier Gate Loyola Public Exit Deck A

Barrier Gate Loyola Public Exit Deck A

I have written several times before about Parking Deck A at Loyola’s Medical Center in Maywood, Il. In December I wrote “Barrier Gates for Public Access Deck A at Loyola Med Center.” And prior to that I wrote in November “Parking Access Control At Loyola Parking Deck A Staff Entry.” I also wrote about the POF terminals inside “Pay On Foot Parking Lot Terminals | Loyola University Deck A.”

Today I am showing you the picture above at the exit lane from Deck A public parking lot. Again, this is part of the extensive WPS Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) ECI installed on the campus in 2019.

The exit lane has an automatic barrier gate and vehicle detector loops buried in the pavement. There is an exit terminal for validated tickets and credit card payments. It also includes an intercom that can be used when guards are not present in the guard booth show here.

Notice the protective bollards near the top of the picture guarding barrier gate controls. As mentioned above, there are pay-on-foot terminals inside. Note – ECI did not install parts of the system.

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