New Barrier Gate for Riverway in Rosemont

New Barrier Gate for Riverway in Rosemont

You’ve read about many barrier gate applications on this blog in the past. We have shown different types of barrier gates, along with their (gate) operators, as they are used to control access in numerous residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Barrier gates may be integral components of a parking and revenue control system that limits access to paying clients or authorized vehicles. The applications often include parking lots and garages, residential gated communities and even access to streets.

Another component of these vehicle access control systems must also be present. A person or device must send a message to the barrier gate that it is all right to either open and allow access or egress to a vehicle and at the appropriate time, to close and prevent access or egress by another vehicle.

One alternative for this type of control is someone who manually operates the opening and closing either physically or by activating an electronic relay. This is typically security personnel located close by in a guard house. The guards can also be located remotely and they use some intercommunication mode and relay system. Even smartphones can be used in applications.

There are also automatic control devices where credentials are presented that authorize access and no one is physically required, whether local or remote. This access may be available round the clock or specific to certain time periods. The former could be something as simple as a key, numerical keypad or as discussed prior, a strobeswitch that automatically detects the approach of emergency vehicles.

The latter will normally include a form of access credential (a card, fob, tag, etc.), the readers to read those credentials as well as software to match devices and authorization times. I have written about many of these. Automatic egress devices include vehicle detection loops, motion detectors, photoelectric beams, etc.

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