Barrier Gate Loyola Emergency Lot Exit

Barrier Gate Loyola Emergency Lot Exit

Last month I wrote about “Emergency Room Parking Lot Access Control For Loyola Medical” Center in Maywood, IL. Today I want to share information with you about the equipment ECI furnished and installed at the emergency room parking lot exit lane. This is a part of the WPS Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) installed in 2019.

In the image above you see a barrier gate on the left with its arm in the open, vertical position. On the raised concrete island in the foreground is (nearest) an access control proximity card reader on a gooseneck pedestal for staff and employees. The larger assembly next to it houses a WPS exit terminal.

Payment for the parking ticket (if applicable) would be made at a pay-on-foot terminal within the hospital. The receipt would be presented here. At certain times free access and egress are allowed into and out of the lot.

You can see the sealed gray cut marks in the concrete on the exit lane. The two large rectangles each have a vehicle detector loop. The nearest one activates the reader when a vehicle stops when the barrier gate is closed. The second relays when a vehicle has cleared the barrier gate so it can close once more.

There are several yellow protective bollards that help to minimize accidental damage to the sensitive equipment from vehicles. ECI also provided the conduit work, junction boxes, electrical wiring and connections. You can learn more at our Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems page.

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