As I wrote prior, Nice/HySecurity advises owners of their responsibility to properly maintain the operation of their barrier gates and operators. Product safety information is included with all of their products. In addition, it is also the owners’ responsibility to meet all local and federal standards and procedures.

Here are some additional items Nice/HySecurity details in their literature:

  • Ensure against any possible contact between overhead power or utility cables and wires with the barrier arm. In any new installations of same, be aware of the barrier arm length when raised to its full open position.
  • All entrapment devices must remain in place. Do not remove these devices or any other safety features.
  • Warning signs as supplied with the gate operators are required to maintain compliance with UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) 325 standards. All warning signs must remain installed and be clearly seen on both the inside and outside of the gate.
  • A warning buzzer is installed to provide compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards. This warning buzzer should not be disabled and neither should its wires be disconnected nor cut. An increase in the risk of death or serious injury may result if you disable the buzzer.

It is recommended once again that you should regularly hire a trained professional installation company such as ECI to inspect the overall operation of your barrier gate, gate operator and all addition hardware. Entrapment areas should be inspected and tested as discussed earlier at Checking Entrapment Zones | Part of Vehicle Gate Maintenance. ECI can keep your equipment running smoothly and make any necessary repairs to it.

Additional information about ECI programs is available at Service and Preventative Maintenance programs.

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