Solenoid Lock Keeps Barrier Gate Closed

Solenoid Lock Keeps Barrier Gate Closed

Earlier this year, ECI was tasked with solving an unusual security issue at an office building in Schaumburg, IL. As described in a previous article, trespassers were entering the property after hours and using the driveway for unauthorized activities.

To secure the area, ECI installed two 12-foot magnetic automatic barrier gates at the driveway’s entrance and exit lanes (pictured to the left). The gates remain open during business hours but close and lock down after hours and on weekends, controlling access.

Meticulous attention to detail was critical for this installation. Our team carefully removed the driveway bricks to install preformed vehicle detector loops that integrate with the barrier gates. The bricks were neatly piled and replaced to match existing aesthetics.

We also formed the concrete island for mounting the two gates, completing all necessary horizontal boring, electrical, concrete work and equipment installation. Bollards were added to protect the sensitive gate equipment.

The image also shows a new Y pad on a concrete pad at the egress gate. Though support is usually unnecessary for shorter 12’ gates, here a solenoid locking mechanism was added to prevent manual gate lifting by trespassers. A similar setup secures the access gate.

Lastly, please notice the tall white post by the access gate operator on the concrete island. This now holds an RFID reader for hands-free gate operation by authorized vehicles with authorized vehicle tags, further strengthening access control.

Through these thoughtful improvements, ECI continues enhancing security and functionality. Our innovative solutions adapt to evolving needs, keeping assets and people protected.

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