Barrier Gates - Chicago Housing Authority

Barrier Gates – Chicago Housing Authority

Pictured above is part of a project ECI did for the Chicago Housing Authority. We installed a series of Elka barrier gates and vehicle detection loops in the complex. The barrier gates controlled vehicle access and egress from the property.

Shown above is a dual lane with matching entry and exit automatic barrier gates. The lanes lead into and out of the apartment complex’s parking lot. Shown below, to the left is a single access barrier gate leading to the office parking area.

Barrier Gate - Chicago Housing Authority

Barrier Gate – Chicago Housing Authority

The concrete island work, the brown protective bollards as well as the access control (reader shown mounted on black pole) equipment was furnished by others. The vehicle detector loops and the access control readers were wired into the self-contained barrier gate operator.

Elka automatic barrier gates come with many standard and optional features. They include relay inputs (i.e. access control) and outputs (i.e. lights and sounders). Up to three vehicle detector loops (see below) can be wired in.

Opening and closing times are programmable. They are designed to be used millions of times and can withstand harsh conditions. Safety features include breakaway bolts, auto-reverse, manual emergency release, vandalism protection, etc.

You can see the cut marks in the concrete in both images for the vehicle detector loops. This is a closed-loop, coiled wire configuration that connects to a vehicle detector module.

A small amount of power is sent through the loop, closing the circuit. When a vehicle interrupts the field the vehicle detector module senses a disruption in the field and relays a signal to the barrier gate. Depending on the location installation (entry or exit), the barrier gate then either opens or closes.

Vehicle detector modules can be adjusted to detect cars, trucks and even motorcycles.

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