Barrier Gates Entering Koppers

Barrier Gates Entering Access Controlled Koppers Cicero Facility

Earlier this year ECI acted as a subcontractor and installed two barrier gates inside the Koppers site in Cicero, IL. Vehicles are allowed into the location off the main access road to get to the office and main parking lots. However, only authorized vehicles with proper credentials are allowed to proceed further into the property. This is mainly used to control truck access to the manufacturing and processing buildings.

The image above looks south. It shows two Elka combination automatic barrier gates and barrier gate operators in the horizontal or closed position. The barrier gates control access into the manufacturing area via the dual lanes that extend past the main office location.

The images below view northerly. Before the automatic barrier gates were installed is shown on the left. You see the main office and a parking lot in the background. The barrier gates are shown on the right is after the barrier gates were installed.

Enter Koppers Pre-Barrier Gates

Prior to installing the automatic barrier gates.

Barrier Gates Entering Koppers

Barrier Gates Exiting Access Controlled Koppers Cicero Facility

A guard on premises opens the barrier gate with a radio. Vehicle detector loops activate and sends a signal for the gates to close once the vehicle clears the area.

Standard Elka automatic barrier gates are available in both right and left-handed configurations to fit lanes from 8 to 12 feet wide. The gate barrier arms installed here are 17 feet long and long arm lengths can extend up to 26.5 feet.

Many standard and optional features are available. These include relay inputs (i.e. access control) and outputs (i.e. lights and sounders). Up to three vehicle detector loops (see below) can be wired in.

Koppers Inc. was established in Pittsburgh, PA in 1988 and is publicly traded on the NYSE. It is multi-national with offices worldwide. According to its website, “the Stickney Plant is capable of converting various crude tars into liquid pitch and other liquid products such as creosote, refined tars, chemical oils and various grades of coal tar pitch.” Note: if you could see it, across the street and to the left of the white silo-shaped building shown above, is the “Stickney” water tower.

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