It’s time once more for a little levity in our lives. I found another funny video compilation of humans or cars versus automatic barrier gates and wanted to share it with you. A few of the individual clips are repeats and others are worth noting.

We saw part but not all of the first clip prior. I can’t believe this man fought with the barrier gate. The gate knocked him dizzy and won by a TKO in my judgment.

We never saw this woman wrestling with the gate prior. However, the woman on the scooter getting beaned is a repeat. Then two women and a man get beaned while walking in the street. Why not stick to the sidewalk?

Just how many vehicles missed this highway barrier gate signal and drove into it? I counted five. But was the fourth one a police car? I think that was a light bar on the roof.

I laughed again at the clip repeat of the automatic barrier gate misfiring in this parking lot as it goes into reverse and pounds on the roof of the car. One more bean job before the misfiring barrier gate in the parking lot resets itself.

Now the best part… all of these Lamborghinis ducking under the barrier gates as the drivers were amused by it. I noted eight of them.

I just had to look it up. I found the height of many Lamborghinis is less than four feet. Will the barrier gate manufacturers lower their height to catch these scoundrels?

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