I certainly wasn’t looking for this but I did find a humorous short video to share with you. It again shows what types of stunts people continue to pull in their vehicles.

A woman in Hyde, Manchester is trying to maneuver her Opel Corsa into a lane on a clogged artery. A car behind her in the same lane captures her movements on its dashcam.

She turns right into the lane which is backed up with cars waiting at a light for the signal to turn. There are several traffic bollards on the sidewalk, one of which is directly in front of her vehicle.

Her car is on the left side of the road since lanes are reversed in England. Her car’s tail is partially blocking the traffic in the right lane. Unable to make a complete turn with her car actually parallel to the lane, she tries to back up several times but cannot because of the flow of traffic.

As the traffic in front of her starts to move, another car behind her is trying to make the same right turn and follow. Instead of backing up to complete the turn, she then just pulls forward and knocks the traffic bollard out of the concrete.

Her car is stopped by the traffic bollard. Then she backs up and turns left into the next street. We hope she was stopping to report the accident and inspect the damage to her car.

The dashcam guy just speeds up and drives off. I give up in trying to understand the mysteries of the human mind.

The city of Manchester lies in central England, just east of Liverpool. Hyde is a town to the east of Manchester.

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