Extensive Damage to CarA Grayslake man drove his Ford pickup truck into a building housing the Antioch Chamber of Commerce early Saturday morning. I first saw the news story in a Daily Herald print article this past weekend. Then I found an online Tribune article. But I thought the Lake McHenry Scanner’s article “Driver charged with DUI after crashing into Antioch Chamber of Commerce” was most comprehensive.

According to the article, the driver admitted he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. After failing to stop for a red light he missed a slight curve in the road and crashed into the front of the building while driving at a high rate of speed.

I have written several times about the use of perimeter security bollards to prevent similar damage and potential injury in low speed and loss of control type accidents. Other crash rated bollards are used to thwart ramming attempts by terrorists using explosive-laden trucks.

Just last month I wrote two articles about the SUV which crashed into the Sears store at Woodfield in Schaumburg.

Just over a year ago I wrote “Bollards Help Stop Vehicles From Crashing Into Buildings” which referenced the Storefront Safety Council. This organization claims that while some 60 of these types of accidents happen on a daily basis, most of these accidents are preventable. This could possibly prevent thousands of injuries and perhaps hundreds of deaths annually. DUI (driving under the influence) is one of the most frequent contributing factors.

This past May I wrote “Bollard Standards | Lighter Vehicles In Low Speed Accidents”. It talks about ASTM International standards for pedestrian barriers to protect against loss of control type accidents. These include driving in the wrong direction, jumping curbs, etc. and address lighter weight vehicles traveling up to 30 mph.

I wrote earlier this year “Low Speed Car Crash in Mount Prospect Makes The Headlines” as well as “Chicago Area Low Speed Accidents Call For Security Bollards“.

Many of these accidents can be prevented. It takes a combination of planning and installation of perimeter security bollards or other types of vehicle barriers.

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