On January 31st The Canterbury Newsroom reported in an article “Council invests £800,000 to keep city centre safe”. The town is reported to be installing a series of bollards and other security measures at a cost of over $1 million. This is in an effort to prevent terrorists from using ‘hostile’ vehicles to attack pedestrians while driving through the center of town.

The Chief Executive of the council was quoted to say: “There is no specific intelligence which says Canterbury is at risk but we need to take sensible precautions to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Over 100 security bollards will be installed in more than a dozen locations. Bollards will be both automated and manually operated as well as fixed. The automated bollards will be monitored through closed circuit TV and operated from a control room in the city council offices.

The aim, of course, is to safeguard the public and still allow businesses to operate in a normal function. Council members hope the installation of the anti-terrorist security bollards will be completed by this coming summer. The project is being designed to blend in with the various locations where they are to be installed.

Canterbury is a historic English cathedral city. It has many narrow streets, a number of archaeological sites, installation challenges and is very popular with tourists. It is located in the southeastern penisula of England on the River Stour. This is within the government district of Kent, England. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the chief bishop of the Church of England.

The Canterbury Newsroom is an online publication of the Canterbury City Council in the United Kingdom.

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