Cellgate W410 Telephone Entry System At Easter Seals

Cellgate W410 At Easter Seals

I’ve recently written two articles about an installation we did last year at the Easter Seals Terrence J. Hancock Family Campus in Chicago. At the time we furnished and installed a turnkey vehicle access control system at the site.

A Cellgate W410 Telephone Entry System is pictured to the left as mounted on a gooseneck pedestal. It is seen between one of the Elka automatic barrier gates and a bollard with a yellow cover.

This access control solution combines voice communication, photo capture and remote management capabilities to deliver convenience and enhanced protection for most commercial properties.

I’ve written about it prior, but in case you missed it I again want to highlight its many essential features:

  • The built-in keypad supports up to 5,000 unique local access codes and 64,000 non-local codes.
  • A visitor can reach a live person with its multiple telephone number calling that is combined with voice mail recognition. The W410 can call up to nine telephone numbers in three tiers. It recognizes when a call reaches voicemail and moves on to the next number in the call group.
  • The system can be controlled remotely via a mobile app or TrueCloud™ web portal. This allows management to open or close the gate, set up scheduled openings/closures as well as view photos of access attempts.
  • A built-in camera captures still photos with every entry, exit or attempt. Photos are stored in the cloud for future reference. An optional external still or video camera can also be added.
  • The system sends notifications if a gate is left open for more than three minutes.
  • A Wiegand interface allows integration with additional access control devices such as the Infinity radio frequency identification reader that is also installed.
  • The system operates on Verizon and AT&T cellular LTE networks thus eliminating the need for a landline.
  • A solar power option is available for sites without access to traditional power.

You can read the earlier articles at: “Elka Automatic Barrier Gates At Easter Seals Facility Exit” and “Infinity RFID Reader | Easy Access To Easter Seals Facility.”

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