Cellgate Wireless Access Control Master

Cellgate Wireless Access Control Master

Last week I wrote about repair work we did this past summer at the Hillel Torah Day School in Skokie, IL. At the time we furnished and replaced the automatic barrier gates, repaired the concrete island, installed vehicle detector loops and repaired the protective bollards. I also mentioned that we installed a new Cellgate wireless access control system that I would like to discuss further at this time.

Pictured to the left above is the master gate control module of Cellgate’s Watchman™ 410 telephone entry system. It is mounted on a black gooseneck pedestal next to one of the repaired yellow bollards.

This Cellgate model comes with a built-in keypad with up to 5,000 unique local codes. A built-in camera takes still images whenever someone activates the touch pad or places a call (lower left button on the keypad).

Integrated Access Control Keypad

Integrated Access Control Keypad

Pictures can also be taken on demand via the app (application). One external camera can be added.

The system communicates its data via cellular or landline. A Wiegand interface is included that allows input from an external device such as the exit keypad shown to the right.

The app allows the owners to manage the web-based system and other devices entirely via smart phone or web portal. The system integrates access control devices, voice communications, picture images, video and external video cameras seamlessly.

When electricity is not available the control can be powered via solar.

ECI provides turnkey installations for all of your parking access and revenue control needs. We also integrate that equipment with new or existing access control systems. Maintenance or service of existing equipment is also available.

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