New Guard Booth and Barrier Gates Moody Church Chicago

Moody Church Chicago New Guard Booth and Barrier Gates

The Moody Church is located on LaSalle Street just north of North Avenue on Chicago’s near north side. The church’s parking lot had an old cashier booth and barrier gates limiting access.

Both the booth and barrier gates had seen better days and were in need of updating. The guard booth’s roof leaked and the doors and windows were broken. Both of the barrier gates were obsolete.

The new guard booth and automated barrier gates at the parking lot entrance are shown to the left.

New Guard Booth

Porta-King Building Systems designed a new guard booth that made a new, modern statement. The customer chose specific options based on their needs.

Porta-King guard booths are also available with many security and construction options. These include high security ballistic rated materials, shutters and locks, exterior lighting, etc. The enhanced security features help to protect both equipment and guards from theft and vandalism.

Old Guard Booth and Barrier Gates Moody Church Chicago

Moody Church Chicago Previous Guard Booth and Barrier Gates

Replacement Barrier Gates

We replaced the obsolete barrier gates (entry barier gate shown to the right along with the old guard booth) with new Hy-Security barrier gates. The StrongArmPark DC-14 barrier gates included optional lighted barrier arms as well as UPS battery back-up power supply.

These commercial grade gates are available with standard 10, 12 or 14 foot arms. They have breakaway arm brackets and kill switches to lessen damage due to vehicle strike or operator error.

Visitors and employees gain access using the customer’s existing telephone access unit. They call the reception area, identify themselves and are allowed access. During services and events security personnel are in the guard booth and activate push buttons to grant access.

All things considered, the results were considered a big hit.

Al Krueger, Parking and Access Control Division Manager at ECI, supervised this equipment removal and replacement project. Michael Husko and Don Husko installed the project.

Moody Church is a non-denominational Christian community which claims to open “its doors to everyone—from all walks of life” on its Website. Its first beginnings were in 1858 when Dwight Lyman Moody started a Sunday school mission for Chicago’s underprivileged children. Learn more about the Moody Church at

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