Last year I wrote an article entitled “Parking Access and Revenue Control | Rockford Bus Terminal”. ECI designed a PARCS system using the NetPark / Hamilton cloud based revenue and access control system for self-parking. The system was installed at the transit company’s bus terminal.

This video introduces the benefits by explaining a typical customer experience. There are three phases:

  • Making reservations for parking access ahead of time using either an app or via web-based.
  • What happens upon arrival at and entry to the parking facility.
  • Procedure to exit the facility.

With this system, you can offer customers convenience and peace of mind ahead of their trip, visiting your facility or event. It allows them to make reservations on a custom-designed app or on a website. This can include scanning a QR code.

Access to the parking facility is via PEET (pay on exit/entry terminal) kiosk installed at each entry lane. Again there are convenient options for your customer:

  • A reservation can be scanned directly from the customer’s phone and a ticket is opened in the ‘cloud’.
  • A ticket can be requested from the PEET if a customer does not have a reservation.
  • The third option is via validation through HID access control cards for employees and pass holders.

The parking access and revenue control kiosk will be branded with your logo and company information. It includes a barcode scanner and an easy-to-read display for instructions.

A CTK (credit card only) kiosk is installed in exit (egress) lanes. Tickets and reservations are validated. If any fees are due the kiosk calculates them and processes the payment.

There is also an optional Pay On Foot kiosk available. Here the customer can use CTK or HTK (cash and credit) to process payments. These kiosks are generally located in a central area within your facility.

A receipt is generated from the Pay on Foot kiosk. Then the customer returns to their vehicle and drives to an exit lane with a PEET kiosk. They insert or scan their validated receipt to leave.

Learn more on our Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems page. Or call ECI at 847.949.0134 for a no-obligation consultation on your PARCS needs. We also service and perform preventative maintenance on existing equipment. You may also click below for direct contact information.

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