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UNSW Newsroom in Sydney, Australia posted an interesting article just a few days ago entitled: “The area is secure: countering terrorism through architecture”. The article questions 1) whether additional security measures provide a greater sense of security and 2) whether these measures work. The answer, according to Dr. Laurence Kimmel an architect, is it “lies in planning and architecture”.

Since September 11th, 2001 the public has become more sensitive to the ongoing threat of terrorism. There has been an increased build-up of physical barriers, security bollards, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other means which have become the standard applications in gatherings of the general public.

Dr. Kimmel contends that we must continue to appreciate the value of public space when designing counter terrorism measures. Security measures and counter terrorism guidelines must learn to coexist.

The increased use of devices such as security bollards may in fact lead to increased public anxiety which she maintains “kills civic life”. It’s not the public’s duty to watch for terrorism in public places since we have little control over an approaching vehicle being used in a potential act of terrorism.

We must continue to remain vigilant, however with less apprehension. This can be accomplished by tailoring the security measures to the scale of the threat rather than applying a single ‘blanket’ approach. In other words, let’s make sense out of the design.

“It’s always our responsibility to ensure the safety of what we design and how it impacts the public, as much as it is to worry about the experience of space,” according to Dr. Kimmel.

We at ECI agree with this concept and will work diligently with you to assess the threat and design an appropriate level of security measures to counter the threat of terrorism. We continue to consider aesthetics and the surrounding environment in proposing guard booths, security bollards, barrier gates, fencing, access control devices, etc.

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