Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Calpipe Security Bollards Installed by ECI

Security Informed published a recent online article I found interesting. “Planning Ahead For The Threat Of Vehicle Attacks When Crowds Return,” addressed issues we should focus on now that crowded outdoor events once again enter onto our agendas.

The use of cars and trucks to target people attending festivals, sporting events, or going to places of worship as well as busy shopping centers is once again a concern as COVID disappears from the landscape. A perpetrator merely needs a stolen or rented vehicle and a target.

Vehicular attacks bring along with them the possibility of injury or death, which is far more important than any damage to property. We should therefore preemptively prioritize actions we can take now to help prevent future incidents from making the headlines.

The article points out many measures we can take, some of which include installing permanent or temporary vehicle security barriers. These barriers include gates, bollards and barricades to prevent cars or trucks from entering areas where pedestrians are located.

Permanent barriers should be considered for high-risk locations. Some bollards are attractively designed to blend in with the area’s aesthetics. Temporary and movable barriers are best suited for events since they are sometimes bulky and unattractive.

A professional needs to first determine the level of risk in order to propose and install the proper protection. The article points out: “A parking garage for a foreign embassy or federal courthouse will require far more serious security measures than a parking lot for a mall.”

There are many other factors to consider in proper design including traffic flow and frequency. Any protective device should be crash-rated to the corresponding threat, which means testing that meets or exceeds appropriate agency standards.

The ultimate goal is, of course, to protect the people in the area. They should feel safe and protected.

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