In an article I published last month I discussed the positive aspects of living in a gated community. That piece was entitled “Is The Security Of A Gated Community Your Only Consideration“.

It drew from a 2016 blog article I found online on The Truth About Realty website. That article is entitled “Pros and Cons of Gated Communities”. The piece offers a checklist for consideration if you are thinking about moving to a residential gated community. It included some negatives to consider.

One of the downsides to moving to some gated communities is the price you will pay for all of the features you will enjoy. Homes may also be larger, more exclusive and thus pricier. There may be large homeowner association fees.

Someone must pay for the security barrier gates whether they are automated or guarded entrances. Throw in the cost of maintaining the streets and roads.

Crime still exists in gated communities, it may even be your neighbors or their children participating. Public or private security patrols may be needed at additional costs, even individual electronic security protection, including closed-circuit cameras, may be called for.

You just can’t freely drive into a gated residential community as you would through a normal residential neighborhood. There will be a time delay and inconveniences getting through the automated gate system or security guards. This may often be frustrating to either you, your guests, even contractors, etc. This is especially true at high-traffic times or during the holidays.

Some communities limit the number and times outside services and contractors can be allowed to enter. And every time someone wants to visit, you will either have to call the guard or answer an intercom to grant access.

Another consideration is perhaps the added commute to shopping and business centers, even to more distant rail (or other) transportation. One thing I never considered until I read the article was decreased property values if your home is close to fences or you can look out and see the gate or guardhouse from a window.

In addition to increased cost, these are just some of the additional considerations to be made if you are thinking about making the move to a gated residential community.

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