Triton College North Access Road Barrier Gate

Triton College North Access Road Barrier Gate

As entry control system integrators I found last year’s article from SDM Magazine quite interesting. It was entitled: “Perimeter Security Becomes a Main Focus.” Karyn Hodgson, the author, makes some observations we both agree with and have also witnessed.

We have written many times about how vehicles are being used as a weapon both against property as well as terror weapons used against civilians. In this day and age we must integrate access control technology past just accessing a building and into a perimeter defense mode. Or we must integrate parking access into building access control systems. The object is to control operations from a centralized location, perhaps even remotely and use exiting credentials.

This step in access control system integration means outside work. And outside work is an area of expertise ECI already possesses. Outside work is much more challenging than working inside a building because you must not only deal with the equipment, you must also deal with the environment and other challenges.

Power can be the most challenging issue facing an access control system integrator. As licensed electrical workers, our installers are trained to meet the AC electrical installation requirements. And when power is not readily available we can turn to solar power.

I recently wrote here that ECI used solar power for a remote multi purpose and football field in River Grove, IL. Just last month our article entitled Solar Powered Vehicle Barrier Gates For Triton College Field summarized that installation. (See image above.)

Proper equipment application, selection and installation is another challenge. Outdoor rated equipment, anti terrorist planning or just allowances for less than superb driving habits must be entered into the equation. Considerations may include include crash (K) rated barriers, break away arms in parking scenarios and even bollards to protect expensive equipment.

Wireless sensing technology to recognize authorized credential such as Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) receivers and transponders make for easier and faster access and egress. Guard booths and shelters are another component to consider.

Gate safety standards and protection against entrapment are serious considerations and compliance is a necessity for liability protection. Other factors include backup power as well as proper applications in the Chicagoland area where heavy snow and ice buildups frequently occur on equipment.

More options are available in this day and age to meet your security challenges. Access control integration stretching to your perimeter demands an experienced expert such as ECI. Contact us today at 847.949.0134 or click below for direct contact information and submission form.