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I have been following the events surrounding a newly installed anti-terrorist barrier gate in Cambridge, England in King’s Parade. I published my most recent article “Public Concerns Kings Parade Counter Terrorism Barrier Gate” just last month.

That blog listed five previous articles if you are interested in reading. You can even use the search box and enter ‘King’s Parade’ to locate. Thus this is the seventh article on this topic.

Just today I read Varsity that reported “Council endorses permanent counter-terrorism barrier on King’s Parade”. Councillors support barriers become permanent after the temporary authorization expires this coming July. The traffic barrier consists of a swing barrier gate with a gap for cyclists which is not wide enough for cars or trucks. There are also plans for the barrier to be re-designed and possibly moved.

The present barrier was first made operational just over a year ago (January 2020). It operates daily between 9:30 am and 7 pm.

The intended purpose of the barrier gate is to protect thousands of people using the route each day from attacks using vehicles as terrorist weapons. The area attracts over 8 million tourists annually. Although life has been impacted by the barrier gate, this past year 2020 was proven to be a relatively safe time in the area.

However, the article pointed out that the current threat level is “…substantial, which indicates that an attack is likely…” And the Chief Constable wrote in a press release that this threat “is a reminder that we all need to remain vigilant and take steps to keep ourselves and each other safe…”

As I have reported prior, there have been objections raised and negative impacts noted by various interest groups. Others have expressed positive comments. The impact in the area will continue to be studied.

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