I’ve shared many vivid videos of crash and grabs, or ram raids, with you in the past. Here is a collection of video clips from England which were captured with various closed-circuit television systems, smartphones and even body cams. It is worth watching to show the diversity of attacks and guile of the perpetrators.

Autos and trucks are used in the crash and grabs as well as telehandlers with their telescoping arms and even an earth mover. Some vehicle attempts are made in reverse while others ram through while going forward.

The first is epic as a gang manages to pull an ATM out of a store but abandons it on the street. I have never seen the actual videos of what happens next. Video from a police vehicle is shown as it approaches the vehicle which then backs up and rams into the police car. A chase ensues with another ram and the deployment of a fire extinguisher. Police body cams show one perpetrator being captured after the car crashes.

The next clips show:

  • A car backing into and then ramming into a storefront head on.
  • A gang manually breaking into a phone store glass door, then through an interior door and a wall, before capturing the loot and exiting.
  • A telehandler is used to break through a storefront at night.
  • Remnants of a ram raid with a telehandler abandoned in front of a coop store.
  • A car attempts to back into a storefront during the day with pedestrians and onlookers on the scene.

The most disturbing pictures are in the next sequence which show a gang attempting a ram raid of a jewelry store during daylight hours with staff and customers inside. Two motorcyclists and two cars pull up. One car backs into the door while a guard, three employees and three customers react.

The employees and customers must have thought it was an auto accident at first since they curiously gather to look at the scene. When the perpetrators attempt to manually smash through the hardened glass, the insiders are shown fleeing to a back room. As the police arrive, the perpetrators exit, grab a fire extinguisher from one of the cars, deploy it on the police car and make their escape.

Finally, you will watch a telehandler, cars and even an earth mover used to gain entry so the perpetrators can capture other cash machines. In all of the clips, I saw no evidence of crash rated bollards, wedge barriers or other types of barriers to protect the storefronts.

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