The above video has nothing to do with either the headline or the story about crash and grabs (also know as ram raids) I am about to relate. However, I ran across it by accident and think it points out what can be lost to a retail establishment in a matter of just three minutes. Plus the resolution and detail are great! Fortunately in this case all of the eight stolen dirt mikes were returned.

But on to my real tale…

It seems New Zealand is making most of the headlines for crash and grabs coming across my computer screen worldwide. Just over the past two months, I have reported three times about this island country off the southeast portion of Australia.

Last month there were two “Crash And Grabs Continue To Make Headlines In New Zealand” and “New Zealand Crash And Grabs Result In Thousands In Losses“. Just prior to those, in June I wrote about “A Series Of Crash And Grabs In Cambridge New Zealand“.

A few days ago Stuff asked in an online article “Who will stop the ram raiders?” Hamilton police appear to be extremely busy with thieves and business owners are frustrated with them also.

Police have been unable to quell a series of seven smash and grabs across the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island in the course of just one week. It was even reported that a store owner installed makeshift barriers of water-filled barrels in the front of his store to deter potential crash and grabs.

Some “23 youths have been arrested for burglary, unlawfully taking vehicles and aggravated robbery” in the past month. A convenience store was robbed twice in one week.

The business owners and residents are calling for greater police surveillance and increased police funding.

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